Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple & Inexpensive Smokey Eye

 A smokey eye on a night out is a classic, but it can easily turn into looking like "badger eyes" with too much black. Start off your smokey look simple and build it up if you want more intensity. There are many, many ways to do a smokey eye, but here is a basic example. You can apply these principles to other smokey eyes with different colors you choose to do.

Here is the palette I used for this look. It is NYX Runway Collection in Jazz Night, and is available at Ulta for about $10. I will be referring to these colors by number during this post.
Start off with a clean, primed eye.
Next add shade 10 all over the lid.
Deepen the color up by using shade 5 on the outer third of your lid.  Using a smudger brush or a Q-tip, also line your lower lash line about 3/4 of the way in.
Use shade 8 lightly on the outer third of your upper and lower lid. You can also bring this color into your crease.

Use shade 1 on the outermost "v" of your upper lid. This consists of the outermost area touching your lash line, the point of where your eye ends, and your outermost crease area. Also bring the black to the lower lash line. Use the black sparingly, and be patient. Build it up as to your desired intensity.
Line your upper lash line with a pencil, cream liner, or liquid liner. I used a pencil, and then took a Q-tip with shade 1 and smudged it along my upper and lower lashes. I then lined my waterline in black and applied mascara. I used shade 6 as a highlight color in my inner corners and brow bone, but I think it's a bit too sparkly so feel free to go with another light color. Make sure to wipe away "fall out" (the shadow that falls to your cheeks and such) with a fan brush or tissue. Then you're done! Simple as that :)

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