Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three Ways to Use Colored Liner

I have gotten many questions since I started getting into makeup of how to use brightly color liner and/or eyeshadow. And with spring and summer coming around the corner, I figured I'd show three easy ways to spice up your look using colored liners. You don't have to do this in the summer, of course- but these types of looks (especially the blue!) remind me of summertime. 

Here I used NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner in Extreme Blue
Blue eyeshadow can easily turn bad and you can look straight out of an 80s workout video. By using the blue against a gold shadow, you instead get a fun, interesting, but not too over the top look. If you want this look even more dramatic, you can line the blue a bit thicker and then use a black liquid liner closest to your lash line, so it looks like the blue is layered above the black.

For this look you can use liner or shadow- or both like I did. First I swiped on Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil in Delinquent. I then used a smudger brush to dab on Urban Decay eyeshadow in Purple Haze. Notice how the color only goes about 3/4 in along the lash line- all the way can look too dramatic for day, but can look stunning for a night out. 

A great way to add color is by adding it to your waterline- that little ledge of skin before your eye. Here I used a teal color from NYX. The only problem with this is that eyeliner on your waterline tends to wash away with the moisture of your eye within a couple hours. If you really want a punch of color, and for the liner to last much longer, dab a corresponding color of eyeshadow onto your waterline using a Q-tip or brush. Some people find this irritating to their eyes, but it's a great trick to keep your liner put. Do not use eyeshadow with glitter in it either- that will irritate your eyes. This works great with everyday black and brown liner as well!!
With any of these looks, feel free to switch up the color! Want to use purple instead of blue? Green instead of purple? Sure! There are endless possibilities :)

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