Monday, March 12, 2012

Dip Dye

The other day I decided to dip dye my hair for the second time. The first time I did it I did an ombre from yellow to red. This time I wanted to do purple, and bought purple dye, however it turned out mostly blue on my hair. I still like it though- I just hope it doesn't turn green after a while.
My hair the first time I dip dyed it red
Blue-ish indigo hair
How To:

I don't like the look of dip dyed hair that isn't a little ombre. To do this start by mixing a bit of hair dye with conditioner
This way you apply the conditioner and dye a bit above where you would like the intense color to start and it's a nice transition into the brighter color. 
Clip hair into sections and apply the dye. I did quite a few layers with the blue. So first I did all of the hair I wanted color with the most watered down dye (or conditioned down dye).  Then I washed and dried my hair. Then I added more dye to the mix and applied it a bit lower than the other dyed hair. I repeated this process until I used just dye on the very ends of my hair. 
I have a section of hair that I bleached last year that picked up the color a lot more than the rest of my hair
After a couple of dyes...

After I dried my hair after the last application of dye
After straightening

This process took about 3 hours because of how many times I had to apply dye, wash it out, and dry it. But all in all I think it looks better than a stark line of color.

When I dyed my tips red I did the same process but I started with yellow then mixed yellow and a little red, then more and more red until the ends where just dyed red.

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