Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nude to Pink Ombre

I've seen a lot of nude and pink outfits around recently, and thought they'd be a great combo for my nails. Doing this gradient is super easy!

All you need is a makeup sponge and polish. I first put on 3 coats of the nude color (Stay Neutral from mark.). I let that dry then put several drops of the pink (Fuschia-istic from mark.) on a plastic lid that I put paints and polishes on. I took the bottom of the makeup sponge and picked up some of the pink. Then I started at the tip of the nail, where the color will be most concentrated and stamped the pink on. I gradually moved inward towards the base of the nail and stopped about midway all together. I went back to the tip to make sure all the nude was covered.

Before top coat
I used Essie Matte About You as a topcoat, just because I've been feeling matte nails recently
Thanks for reading!

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