Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soft Date Look

I've really been loving playing around with peachy colors this summer. I was doing so when I came up with this eye look, which I think would be perfect for a date or other event where you want to look a little more dressed up than usual, but not over the top for an event like prom or something of that nature. 

The key to this look is to blend, blend blend!
1) Start off with a clean, primed eye.
2) Take a light, peachy-pink color and pack this onto the lid.
3) Take a darker peach color and apply this on the outer corner of your upper and lower lid and into your crease.
4) Using a fluffy brush, take a shadow that is just slightly darker than your skin color. Blend this into the crease with the peachy color. 
5) Take a deep purple shadow. Using a pencil brush, apply this to the very outer edges of your lid and very lightly to your outer lower lash line.  Again, take your fluffy brush and blend this out.
6) Use a white or flesh-toned eyeliner on your waterline. Using a black liquid liner, line your upper lash line. Create a slight wing at the end if you so choose. 
7) Curl your lashes and apply mascara, and you're done!

Thanks for viewing!

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