Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lana Del Rey Inspired Look

I've really been digging this vintage-y look inspired by Lana Del Rey. It's very neutral and 
wearable, and you can tailor it to suit your own features. 

One of Lana Del Rey's looks. The look I created is inspired by her as a whole, not just this specific picture.
First the hair. To create vintage waves, pull your hair to one side and curl as normal. When you are done, gently brush your curls and then spray with hair spray. I love how this makes curls so soft and touchable. 
The eyes are nice and simple.
1) Prime your eyes and swipe a skin-toned matte color all over your lid and up to your brow bone
2) Using a crease brush, take a taupe color and use a windshield wiper motion to apply the shadow.  This is about creating natural shadows and depth, not obvious color. Take the taupe and apply under the eyes as well.
3) Create a black winged liner. You can go as extreme as you'd like, however to make this wearable during the day I'd suggest not going past your eyebrow.
4) Apply a skin-toned eyeliner (I used Stila's Kajal liner in Topaz) on your water line. Curl you lashes and apply mascara.

Contour your cheek bones with a matte bronzer. You can also use a taupe-y blush.  Stick to natural colors for that vintage feel.
Line your lips with a deep nude color (I used Urban Decay's Naked). Lana is known for her plumped-up lips. For this effect, smooth out your cupid's bow with the liner. Try not to make your lips look bigger by lining too much outside your lips. You can line just slightly out though. Shade slightly into your lips with the liner as well.
Take a nude lipstick (MAC in Creme d'Nude) and fill in the middle of your lips. The lighter color being focused in the center will create the illusion of fuller lips.
Tip: Feel free to fill in your brows a bit heavier than usual with this look. 

Thanks for viewing!

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